Academy of American Poets: “We have no choice in the bodies that hold us

Ampersand Review: “I see the x-ray of the rescue with 50 BBs in him”; “The sky got caught in my hair, if only theoretically”; “There’s a difference between eating and feeding”; “About the west and the wetness in my hair

Another Chicago Magazine: “On the filthy side of things”; “Getting burned and going alight” (issue 54)

The Bakery: “In light

Bateau: “Find a broken phone and lick the receiver”; “Nightlight”; “Teeth Leave a Body This Way”; “Tuning Forks”

Bodega: “Luminescence in contrast”; “specific motion

Forklift, Ohio: “Flocking

ILK: “I tell dolly

jubilat: “How Crushed We Were on the Way to Comraderie

La Vague Journal: “What’s dark is not always lightless”; “Dissolution with raccoons

LEVELER: “I say erstwhile

Matter: “The weekend was suburban & full of efforts to tie down radical hair”; “Undressing, with water”; “If my mouth weren’t so full of hammers

Phantom: “The friction of

Pinwheel: “Today is an argument against clouds”; “This is a flood and we are turbulent with color”; and “We are all writing poems about you and your deep, wobbly voice

Prairie Schooner: “My feet in continual guidance of air” (2015 winter, 89:4)

Typo: “I am deep in tear right now