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Holly Amos’s first full-length collection is Continual Guidance of Air.

Interview with Midwestern Gothic: “Empathy is something we practice—it’s not something we have. And the more we practice it the easier it is. Which can be uncomfortable, just like running, or yoga, but its worthy of the discomfort. And eventually we find ways to cope with the discomfort, ways to get beyond it while not foregoing the practice.”

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Interview with Albert Abonado on Flour City Yawp: “We discuss her veganism, poetry and activism, the body and relationships. Plus, Holly shares some of her beautiful poems with us.”

American Microreviews & Interviews, review by Davy Knittle: “There’s something gorgeous in these poems about finding the right balance of decisions, of pushing your body to a limit that makes it something new, that expands the range of what there is to feel.”

NewCity Lit, “Prisms of Form” review by Jael Montellano: “Amos designs her poems as glittering cascades in form and image.”

Interview by Julie Maclean for her blog, about working at Poetry.